Windows 11: The Taskbar Will Regain An Essential Function

The Windows 11 taskbar will very soon see the return of a function that is essential to its use, but which had disappeared when Windows 10 was switched to the new version of the OS. Drag and drop will soon make a comeback!

Those who have migrated to Windows 11, or who have bought a recent PC, have probably found all their bearings.

Despite notable aesthetic changes and the integration of new options, the operating system is ultimately very similar to Windows 10.

On the other hand, if Microsoft has dusted off its operating system, the company has also taken the opportunity to lighten it of some features. This is particularly the case for the Taskbar.

Thus, three old features of the Taskbar are now gone. First of all, it is no longer possible to resize it. In addition, it is no longer possible to move this famous Taskbar. You have to make do with its classic lower position.

Finally, and this is perhaps the most annoying point: it is now impossible to drag and drop applications or files onto the bar. But the good news is that this function should come back very soon.

Drag and Drop on Taskbar Will Back in Windows 11

We have to admit, it’s annoying. In Windows 11, you can’t drag and drop a file into an application on the Taskbar to pin a shortcut. You can’t do it either to launch an application and open a file directly.

But why has the Redmond giant decided to suddenly remove this function that was used in older versions of Windows?


According to the Deskmodder site, Microsoft is currently working on reintegrating this feature.

Users of the Windows Insider program (Dev channel) should be the first to benefit from this return, but not before the holidays.

Still according to Deskmodder, this feature should not make its final return in the stable version of the OS before the autonomous 2022,

when Microsoft will release the 22H2 version of Windows 11. That is, almost a year after the release of Windows 11.

In fact, if this feature had not completely disappeared, it was necessary to modify the registry, or to go through a small tool available on GitHub and named Windows 11 Drag & Drop to the Taskbar.

The build of Windows 11 that will be released after the holidays should make it possible to get rid of this manipulation.

For the other features that have disappeared from the Windows 11 Taskbar (position and size, without going through the registry), we remain without news for the moment.

Will Microsoft listen to the numerous requests made by its users on the techcommunity site? We keep our fingers crossed.

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